Transportation solutions:

Jiaotonganquan monitoring is the most recent topic of one of the areas, technological advances and the needs of the state Jiaotonganquan issue, but to accelerate the growth of surveillance industry. Networked, intelligent and integrated with other related technologies, is key to future development.

  • * Reduce the generation of a car accident accident
    * An event generated crisis, to effectively provide valid evidence

With a CHIPER network video solution all this is possible.

Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Jiaotonganquan surveillance system in the eyes of experts is essential to monitor the areas around the world frequent traffic accidents, traffic safety disputes continue, but so many countries are seriously on this topic. With the rise of emerging countries, driven by security surveillance industry has developed rapidly. From the technical side, the image, the network transmission and other advances will Jiaotonganquan monitoring system more convenient and extensive.

General technology industry giant with the network, aimed at rising stars of the industry - Network surveillance cameras (IP Camera). There are ways to improve network security, image, control processes, enhance the overall Jiaotonganquan sex. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor anything: recount, platforms, gates doors, parking and moving Jiaotonggongju. Internet video traffic monitoring and management will reduce congestion, improve traffic flow.

Past the highway are built in analog technology fabric monitoring system, real-time monitoring network can not be the actual image, along with traditional cameras build flexible enough, the camera can not be free to move or increase. With the growing use of time, the past is not the case of IP network takes only a very high cost of data available to other units to use, and the reception quality information usually closed due to multiple signal conversion result image is incomplete.