WIFI solutions:

.Modern science & Technology are changing rapidly on daily basis, but the application surrounding us , so far mostly every electronical devices we know still need huge amount of coaxial wiring as its transmission media. Even the network application we know today, Even if now is “The Era of networking Trend”, Life is still being Tied up by these so called “Wires”.


Systems those are convenient and easily integrated

Coventional transmission wire has no longer been able to keep up with nowadays overloading need since long time ago, So to break this limitation, “Wireless network” is then developed, to create a more convenient Life. Wireless network covers a wide range of application & various category, following areal network with wireless concept, further more with metropolis network build up, IP concept popularization, “Wi-Fi” has been a mainstream of wireless network transmission technical standard.

By using ChipER version of network build up fundamental, etc
Followed by the existing network equipment, Easy installation technique, at the same time lowered cost.( Revolutionize network surveillance system), build up a complete network surveillance system, then effectively manage & control Video . Equally, This system heart is easy to be expanded, Conveniently to install network cameras at any time.