PalmVein  nPV301
Features Software version
  • The identification system of fingerprint, face shape, voice, signature and pupil can be imitated, except for palm vein system. People's palm vein is unique and hard to imitate.
  • The identification rate is high. FRR(false rejection rate) = 0.01%, FAR(false acceptance rate)<0.00008%.
  • Compared with finger vein and dorsal hand rein, the palm vein has more identity elements.
  • Almost everyone can use palm veins, but there are 2%-3% people cannot use fingerprints.
Technical Principle
Sensor is sending infrared radiation to the hand, vein blood absorbs the radiation.   Sensor camera creates image(5 MB).   Software creates template(0.8 KB).
Trailing of people
Use IP camera CHIPER NX-5130,Combine intellectual vision identification with personnel trailing function to detect,False entering and leaving management can be avoided.
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