Hot Spot Network Mesh

 Network Access Server , nHT300 series

* nHT300-100NW :Max 3069 Accounts and 100 simultaneous
    authentication users
* nHT300-500NT :Max 5000 Accounts and 500 simultaneous
    authentication users
* 3A  Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
* Network Management
* User Management
* Pre-Generated Ticket Billing Server.
* Dual WAN + 4 LAN Giga port
* SSL security protected
* Support NAT Router mode
* QoS management
* Multi Group and multi SSID management 

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Hot Spot 100 on line
Hot Spot 500 on line
Hot Spot  Converter
Hot Spot Ticket Printer
Coverage Wireless Tranceiver
Outdoor Wireless 3Miles Tranceiver